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Technology Security Controls

Security IconSecurity is one of the major reasons we decided to create KlugTech, as the current security is, we feel, insufficient. When we read that a so-called ‘smart refrigerator’ has been spamming people because of a malware download, or that a trusted multinational company like eBay can ‘lose’ millions of customer records, we felt that we should act.

Hacker in a hoodieThe Internet of Things (IoT) offer such a wealth of opportunity to business and individuals, but only if we can trust it. Have all devices interconnected, talking to one another to make our lives more comfortable, secure and the technology more manageable, is a great incentive, but if unscrupulous individuals or organizations can take over your systems to steal data, lock you in or out of your home, or take over your vehicle for malicious or mischievous reasons, we will soon reject technology – not just the IoT technologies.

At KlugTech we developed all our systems to run via a clean server, isolating it from the ‘dirty’ environment of the world wide web. Our security solutions are designed to keep the server secure – both digitally and physically, with patented modules such as:

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