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Personal Recognition and Interaction™ (PRIA™) Module

PRIA™ logoThe recognition software solutions provided by KlugTech allows the EMAH™ to hold the data on the authorized users so that we can authenticate each user and provision the level of access they have to the system.

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The PRIA™ (Personal Recognition and Interaction™) module holds all biometric, password and behavioral data on each user in its database. To protect small numbers of users, dummy information is also in the database (overwritten when a minimum registrations has been reached.


Using the Shishi Data Management™ module to segment the databases, and the Reo Encryption Algorithms™ to secure the databases, the KlugTech systems use multiple sources for secure access, none of which are otherwise associated in a single database. This means that biometric data, passwords, etc., are all held separately and linked through a unique identifier.


The PRIA™ is a proactive recognition module that recognizes authorized users, but verifies their authenticity before interacting fully. This means that systems can be adjusted and optimized for the user, but any adjustments need authentication, such as a password, biometric scan, etc.


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