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Easy-Link API™

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All computing systems need to talk to one another, just as humans do. Unfortunately, just like humans, they preside over different languages, different dialects and different understanding. An API or Application Programming Interface is the 'phrase book' that allows two systems to talk to one another, translating the meaning and actions.

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Normally, API's are used to help programs made by different, and competing manufacturers to talk to each other for the benefit of the user who buys different products for the sake of convenience, price or because they 'cherry-pick' the best solutions for their application.


In general, the systems developed by KlugTech do not need API's as our systems are built to talk to each other. We do, however understand that some installations will have legacy systems, and others will want systems that we do not produce. This causes us a bit of a headache in terms of security - every [unnatural] connection is liable to misinterpretation and misunderstanding (just think of the phrase book!).


The Easy-Link API™ module allows our systems to talk with and control other systems within the IoT installation. It makes use of our proprietary Toka Systems Handshake™ to keep these potentially insecure links as secure as possible - both in terms of the information they pass to one another, and also for the possibility of attack at these junctions.


For more information on how a KlugTech installation can integrate with your systems using our Easy-Link API™ module, please contact us via your local office or distributor, today.

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