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Factory Intelligent Manufacturing™ - FatIMa

FaTIMa™ logoThe factory and manufacturing interface links to the controlling Obair Enterprise Management™ module to allow factory owners and workers to interact with it using the secure links to locational authorized devices.

Ford robotic production line 

The Factory Intelligent Manufacturing™ (FatIMa™) provides a means for manufacturing data and orders to be combined - delivered to the devices in a user-friendly manner. Controlling the environment and energy usage within the factory can optimize the finances and therefore profitability of the operations. With each workstation able to receive data about deliveries and orders, each employee is empowered to understand how their actions benefit the company as a whole.


KlugTech is still developing the FatIMa™, with a patent applied for, so the information we can provide is limited - contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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