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OLivIa™ - Office and Living Interface™

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Office environments have their own needs and dynamics, something that KlugTech has recognized with the creation of a customized interface - designed for the SoHo office and larger corporate offices.

Multiscreen home office 

We recognize that offices are uninhabited for many hours, and that in some cases, offices will see many visitors coming and going during the working day. This puts a strain on security systems, both physical and virtual.


The OLivIa™ managed the energy, security and environment within the installation, controlled by authorized devices and personnel. Many businesses use databases of customer details - sensitive data that cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. The OLivIa™ adds database security features that use the employees PIM entries to ascertain whether they are authorized to access the data, and when they can access it (i.e. within working hours and when they are not on vacation).


OLivIa™ can be installed as a stand-alone system - linking to third party solutions only, but it has been optimized for use with other KlugTech systems.


To find out how the KlugTech OLivIa™ can help control your smart technologies, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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