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Environmental Management and Intelligent Lifestyle Interface™ (EMILI™)

EMILI™ logoThe Environmental Management and Intelligent Lifestyle Interface™ or EMILI™, is the main processor used to control and manage all the connected devices within the domestic living environment. Its main purpose is to create a very secure control system, with a single interface to the human operators, be it via a voice interface or keypads.

EMILI™ is the central processor for all systems used within the smart environment, and is scalable to allow for new devices, additional functionality and extra rooms/spaces over time.

The system interfaces with the chosen audio/visual systems, the security systems, climate and environment controls, household/office schedules and device management.


EMILI™ controls the power to all audio and video equipment, including games consoles, managing the power, volume and allowing, for example, your favorite music to follow you around the property.

This is initially programmed by identifying the favorite music of each authorized individual, including radio stations, genres, and general musical/listening tastes.

A similar setup is required for the video interface, and both systems learn through usage and feedback on selections.


EMILI™ connects with the property security system, incorporating the intruder alarm movement sensors, laser trip wires and fences, and video surveillance using combinations of CCTV, infrared cameras, and ultrasound sensors.

Swimming boysThe system also monitors the property, comprehending the occupancy and usage of each room/area, through the combination of video surveillance techniques.

Access control is also managed and controlled through EMILI™, controlling access to the property, and particular rooms/areas within the property. It includes door and window locks, window ventilation controls, and general intruder monitoring and alarm systems.

Climate Control

With the use of individual controllers/monitors in each room/area, EMILI™ is able to monitor and predict the optimum environment and climate for each space.

In terms of temperature control, the system monitors the internal and external temperatures, including those of adjacent rooms/spaces, engaging the appropriate heating, air conditioning, or humidity adjustments to provide the optimum climate. In addition to managing the temperature and humidity directly, the system also decides whether the room should/could be ventilated, or shaded to maintain or adjust the climate.

The system therefore also operates the blinds/curtains, including electronic window blinds if applicable.

The blinds and curtains also have relevance in terms of lighting within the room, and so the lighting is also incorporated into the system. Lighting can also be used for security, and for guidance – during emergencies, and to guide strangers around the property.


So as to keep the main control system clean and free from malware and viruses, the interface with the outside world is carefully controlled, and operates on more of a human-computer basis, via the use of pre-programmed apps. This allows EMILI™ to access information such as local traffic, weather forecasts, events, flight or rail information, etc.

The system also controls a central Personal Information Management system (PIM), containing the diaries of all registered individuals. This allows EMILI™ to understand the travel and weather information that is important on that day, the devices that are likely to be used each day, and security arrangements you can expect – for example, the property to be empty for number of hours.

Device Management

The control system uses combinations of scheduled movements, actual locations, environmental inputs and predicted or observed habits to optimize power usage on devices in and around the property, be they white or brown goods.

The system also monitors the power networks and immediately switch to battery power in the event of a power cut (through robust UPS equipment), and for deluxe systems, engage a generator to take over until such times as power is restored.

EMILI™ contains ambient intelligence to allow an understanding of whether a person is just left the room momentarily, for example, to use the toilet or make a cup of tea, or has left for longer necessitating a power save mode for the devices he/she was using.

To find out how the KlugTech EMILI™ can help control your smart technologies, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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