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Kheti Livestock Farming Management™ Module

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Livestock farming is a complex and often poorly rewarded task - farmers have to accept the reward of working with animals rather than financial benefits. Livestock farming is normally relegated to poor quality land - land that is not viable for agricultural crops - such as hills, moors and mountains.


Linking to the main Kilimo Agricultural Management™ module that controls and monitors specific agricultural elements of the EMAH™, the Kheti Livestock Farming Management™ module monitors and controls the specific elements of the animal husbandry, health, movement and slaughter of a wide variety of livestock. The module monitors the feeds, pest/disease control, climate control and monitoring – all provided in a flexible module by KlugTech. The system can also help in tracking animals - required in modern livestock traceability. The term 'Khēti' comes from the Bengali word for 'husbandry'.


One of the biggest problems facing modern agriculture and horticulture is theft. In addition to livestock rustling, thieves target farm machinery - whole flocks of sheep can disappear from remote, unguarded fields. The KlugTech security solutions - such as the Maru Security Net™, Sentinel Shield™ and Bloodhound Equipment Tracker™ can all be implemented and connected to protect your animals. Using long-range communications such as the LoPoMiN™, low cost sensors, camera sand alarms can warn farmers of problems, activating barriers, protection systems such as the Qasa Protection System™. It can also notify security and police to catch the thieves.


To find out more about the Kheti Livestock Farming Management™ module, and how KlugTech can help you, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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