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Dali Plant Sensor™

Dali Plant Sensor™ logoThe Dali Plant Sensor™ links soil and plant health data to a receiving computer. It allows the user to monitor and control the hydration and nutritional needs of the plants. Initially designed for house plants, the sensor has been designed to be robust enough for outdoor use, including in commercial horticulture/agriculture.


The sensors link to the Kilimo Agricultural Management™, Obair Enterprise Management™ and Haza Domestic Management™ modules, as appropriate, to enable efficient plant management. This is, of course, most important in the agricultural and horticultural sector, and we have devised a package with a number of sensors and relay units.


The word is a variation of 'dail' that comes from the Welsh word for 'foliage', but we feel that it applies equally to flora in this case. The sensor comes in three variants - the interpretation software and either a plant and/or soil sensor.


The Dali Plant Sensor™ is under development with a patent being applied for, so we are unable to provide more information at present. For further information, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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