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Kilimo Agricultural Management™ Module

Kilimo Agricultural Management™ logoThe Kilimo Agricultural Management™ module controls and monitors specific agricultural elements of the EMAH™. The word 'kilimo' comes from the Swahili word for 'agriculture'.

The module has been developed to provide a wide range of agricultural solutions, covering livestock, agricultural and market garden needs. Whilst the requirements are not exactly the same, they all require an element of irrigation/water, pest/disease control, climate control and monitoring – all provided in a flexible module by KlugTech.

Tractor & harrowThere are already a number of automated systems available for, for example, irrigation or pest monitoring, but these are not 'smart systems'. By using the technology with Ambient Intelligence (AmI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we have developed a system that can react appropriately to differing issues and situations throughout the system. This means, for example, that water is only provided when needed, any areas that are needed, or directs the workers to address the problems in a specific area – thus saving time and resources.

One of the biggest problems facing modern agriculture and horticulture is theft. In a recent UK survey, it was reported that the cost of reported crime to the UK's rural economy reached £44.5m in 2013. Livestock theft was worst, but with the high cost of equipment, farm machinery is often stolen to order. We have developed the Prani Livestock Management™ module to help farmers track livestock, and use the Gadi Vehicle Control™ module for machinery.

Whilst our systems can’t prevent all these crimes, the Kilimo Agricultural Management™ module provides control and monitoring systems that can alert owners of developing situations, and if connected, can enable or disable vehicles or access points remotely. If tracked, farm equipment has more chance of being found and returned.

To find out more about the Kilimo Agricultural Management™ module, and how KlugTech can help you, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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