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Arama Smart Parking™ Module

Arama Smart Parking™ logoHave you ever been in a situation where you drive into a town, find a car park that claims to have spaces, only to find yourself driving around trying to find it? Worse still, you do find where the 'space' is, only to find the vehicle next door is badly parked and blocks your access.

Parking meterKlugTech has developed the Arama Smart Parking™ module - a system that links to vehicle systems to inform and guide drivers on exactly where the spaces are, warning of bad parking (the system doesn't repark for you, but in-car systems are doing this now), and avoid wasting time and fuel finding spaces.

The module is also linked to your payment bridge to allow you to pay for your parking when you arrive at your space. A digital display on the windshield can identify the payment 'ticket', or parking wheel (the free parking indicator used in continental Europe), or the disabled badge (linked to the vehicle inhabitants, not the car). This system can work independently or with the Turgana Parking Assistant™ module.

As the Arama Smart Parking™ module is under development with a patent applied for, but we are unable, at present to discuss the module in more detail or to provide pictures or diagrams. We thank you for your understanding.

The word 'Ārāma kara' comes from the Hindi word for 'resting' - selected to signify the 'resting' of vehicles.

For more information on how KlugTech can help you improve your parking solutions, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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