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Promet Traffic System™ Module

Promet Traffic System™ logoThe Promet Traffic System™ module increases the efficiency and economy of urban traffic flows and congestion control. Whilst systems do currently exist to manage parts of urban traffic systems, they focus on a single area or mode of transport.

The KlugTech system uses connected devices and the smart technology within the Ninas Smart City Management™ module to manage the flow, reducing the congestion and pollution within the transport network.

Athens city centerBy understanding where the possible hold-ups are can help free up routes for public transport, ensure connecting services and manage the flow of regular commutes and special events.


Not Just Vehicles

The KlugTech Kawe Transport Management™ system is designed to optimize individual networks, but the Promet Traffic System™ module is designed to co-ordinate all traffic flow, including trains, aircraft and non-mechanized (and probably the most problematic) traffic.

In controlling the traffic, we can make the urban environment safer and more efficient, saving money and reducing pollution. We can also help to make journey times shorter by helping users avoid bottlenecks.

The word 'promet' comes from Slovenian and means 'traffic'.

To find out more about the Promet Traffic System™ and how it can benefit your systems, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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