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Ninas Smart City Management™ Module

San Francisco TramsThe Ninas Smart City Management™ module for controlling urban systems. Cities are complex ecosystems that are, on the whole, chaotic. There has been a long association between technology and controlling and monitoring what is going on in a modern city.


In nearly every situation, installing technology into a city means retro fitting hardware in a sensitive and unimposing way. KlugTech does not provide the robust cameras and cabling systems, as there are many organizations that provide excellent products.


Unfortunately, many urban control systems focus on a single element, and KlugTech has created a system to bring these disparate systems together so that urban controllers can manage all elements of the city.


Ninas Smart City Management™ logoThe Ninas Smart City Management™ module provides security, environmental, traffic flow and utilities monitoring and control interfaces. We have our own specialist systems for monitoring and controlling traffic, and utilities – the Promet Traffic System™ module and Sarana Utilities System™ module respectively.


The word 'Ninas' comes from the Welsh language and means 'city'.


For more information on how KlugTech can add functionality and usability to your urban planning and control with the Ninas Smart City Management™ module, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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