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Customer Transaction Records™ - CuTR

The CuTR™ logoMany retailers work with generic CRM systems, capable of many functions, but few currently link to connected devices. By engaging with customers through multiple touchpoints, the Customer Transaction Records™ - CuTR™ incorporates the interaction with apps and localization tools.

 POS till screen

The databases are all managed and monitored by the control systems - the Shishi Database Management™ and Swiss Knot™ systems that fragment and secure the database and all the contact points - vital for such important and commercial information.


Linking the CuTR™ with customer visits and movements via loyalty program relationships. The system provides multiple retailer touchpoints - secured so that only authorized personnel have access to it - via tablets, POS screens and other devices. This system will also help combat fraud as the customer details will help double check the identity of loyal customers.


The CuTR™ is part of the overall Kertoa Retail Management™ module and cannot be installed separately. It comprises of:

  • A dashboard module
  • A database management system - allowing the database to fragment for security
  • A mobile interface (licenses for users, in multiple packs)
  • A BYOD interface license


Whilst customer records systems are available, the CuTR™ is under development with a patent applied for, so we are unable to provide more information at the moment. To contact KlugTech about the CuTR™, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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