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Kertoa Retail Management™ Module

Technology shopThe Kertoa Retail Management™ module for retail installations and applications, controlling and monitoring the complex environment within stores and shopping malls.

The security and well being of staff and customers within stores and malls can be monitored and to an extent, controlled. This includes the monitoring and control of the environment.

Security is also extended to the prevention of theft from the stores. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows the connectivity of a wide range of devices, including interlinking stores within a mall or shopping street. If the stores allow a control system to connect to others, it could be possible to create an early warning system for persistent offenders (linked to police systems, if applicable), or to an incident in another store.

Kertoa Retail Management™ logoWe are used to the RFID tags on products, and CCTV monitoring within a store, but these are not often combined. Linking all this to the Jnaana Intelligence Engine™, the Kertoa Retail Management™ module can predict behaviors and warn staff based on observations. It is often enough for a staff member to walk towards a would-be thief to prevent any illegality.

Data and Transaction Management

Commercial shop keeping is all about encouraging and executing the transaction – making it as easy as possible for customers to buy from you.

KlugTech’s Kertoa Retail Management™ module extends to the data systems, making sure that these are not weak points for data thieves to exploit. The sale of personal data is big business nowadays, and it is important to limit the illegal access via Point of Sales (POS) terminals.

There are many world-class POS and transactional systems available to retailer, but our research has shown that there is a danger of data loss. Using elements of our Maru Security Net™ and Reo Encryption Algorithms™ we can enhance the security of the data and your accounts. This can also link to, and optimize your ecommerce operations.

Linking with the Retail Logistics and Storage™ module (RLS™), we can enhance the productivity and economic effectiveness of the warehousing and delivery systems for retailers.

If you want to learn more about the KlugTech systems and how they can help improve the profitability and security of your retail business, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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