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Qeveri Public Sector Management™ Module

US policemanThe Qeveri Public Sector Management™ module for public sector applications and installations where a heavily regulated internal/external interface is required for both systems and premises.

Public Access Buildings

Security and the well being of the people within the buildings is a major concern as there is a requirement to allow access. The KlugTech Qeveri Public Sector Management™ module integrates all security and environmental monitoring systems. We take a holistic approach to integrating all the systems and monitors with user-friendly control interfaces.

Qeveri Public Sector Management™ logoData Management

We all accept (often begrudgingly) that the public sector needs and collects a great deal of information about each of us. Whilst KlugTech wishes to remain outside the debate about the need for the collection and storage of the data, we have identified the need to keep this data secure to ensure the privacy of private information.

Combining the Qeveri Public Sector Management™ module with the Maru Security Net™ module, we can provide a secure database management system, further secured with our Reo Encryption Algorithms™. The secure operations of data management and retrieval systems are vital in building trust amongst the ‘customers’ of the sector.

The word 'qeveri' originates in the Albanian language and means 'government'.

For more information on the management of your public sector systems, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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