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Riocht Healthcare Management™ Module

The Riocht Healthcare Management™ module for healthcare applications and installations providing a holistic control, monitoring and alert platform for the care and safety of patients and carers.

Young doctorA healthcare environment, irrespective of whether it is primary care from health centres and GP surgeries; secondary care through specialist providers/centres, or tertiary care in hospitals. There is also a link required to home and community care, such as old people’s homes and hospices. The common links are a need to care for and cure humans, and use technology and medicines effectively to aid in the caring and curing of people.

The name, 'riocht' originates in the Irish Gaelic for health or condition.


Riocht Healthcare Management™ logoThe Riocht Healthcare Management™ module provides a foundation for both the physical and data security of the healthcare service.

The physical security of the premises is often difficult as it is must be accessible to people – patients, visitors, carers and suppliers. There are, however, areas that must have controlled access, and others where access must be limited.

KlugTech has developed the Bouvier Access Control™ module to manage the access to and through certain areas and doors. Staff access is controlled and monitored, and the monitoring system can also track the movement of patients as they pass through sensor points – normally doorways.

Data security is equally as important – keeping patients data safe. Given the sensitive information on the health and ailments of patients, it is vital to secure all data, allowing access only to authorized staff, in authorized locations and at authorized times.

Use of the Maru Security Net™ means that all systems, including the databases are kept safe. The operating systems and their links to other KlugTech modules and healthcare products are thus kept safe.

The databases themselves can be secured using the Shishi Data Management™ module that segments the databases so that any data theft would be incomplete. Use of the Reo Encryption Algorithms™ ensures that the communication between databases is secure and free from interception.

Patient Records

The Riocht Healthcare Management™ module also uses the PaCaR™ (Patient Care Recording™) system that provides a paperless, up-to-date and secure record system that links with the raw data input from the equipment used to monitor and heal patients.

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