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Turanga Parking Assistant™

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Many car manufacturers now have assisted parking - an automated system that will find a suitable space and then take control of the vehicle to park it. The Turanga Parking Assistant™ does not replicate this, instead we focus on a connected method of notifying drivers of suitable spaces.

Parking meter 

By linking the vehicle with the driver's PIM, and thus understanding where the person wants to go, and the available spaces within the town, city or attraction. If there is congestion enroute, the system will evaluate whether the target parking space is reachable within the deadlines. The name 'tūranga' comes from Maori and means 'parking'.


As the Turanga Parking Assistant™ module is under development with a patent applied for, we are unable to provide addition information at present. Contact us today for updates - please select your local office or distributor.


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