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KlugHf™ Port Systems

KlugHf™ LogoMaritime shipping and port facilities remain vital in the modern commercial world, but it has changed considerably since the days of our ancestors. We now use containerized shipping, but the movements around the port are still vital to the safety of vessels, sailors and goods. The KlugTech solution - KlugHf™ - manages the movement of water, land and rail traffic to ensure maximum efficiency and resource usage.

Yacht bow 

By using sensors within the port, and on the vessels/vehicles, the controlling system understands the environmental conditions as well as the status of the actors within it.


KlugHf™ provides environmental, security, information and control systems, all interlinked and communicating with each other within the Kawe Transport Management™ module. In this way, we can also track consignments - understand where they should be and where they are.


All the KlugHf™ Port Systems are accessible to authorized users on authorized mobile and static devices, and include a full tracking and monitoring service.


As the KlugHf™ Port Systems are under development with a patent applied for, so we are unable to provide addition information at present. Contact us today for updates - please select your local office or distributor.


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