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DriveTracker™ System

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Automotive tracking systems have been available for many years, extensively as a law enforcement tool. These trackers often transmit on a single radio frequency to a single tracking terminal. We addressed this to make use of all possible, and relevant wavebands, linking securely to authorized, paired devices only.


BMW i8® RechargingLinking the DriveTracker™ system with the security and communications tools, we can identify if a vehicle is being used outside the permitted schedule, or by unauthorized people.


The DriveTracker™ system is retrofittable to existing vehicles, and can be powered using alternative generators, such as the Wiatrak Mini Power Generator™, Gyrus Vortex Turbine™ or solar panels, thus reducing the load on the vehicle systems.


Whilst originally designed for cars, the DriveTracker™ system can also monitor and track aircraft, shipping, and even bicycles. For more information on the DriveTracker™ module, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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