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KlugAir™ Aircraft Module

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It is hard to believe that the first powered flight was just over a century ago. More incredible when you look at the 'flying kite' that those pioneers used. Aircraft are probably one of the most technologically advanced vehicles we use - be it for mass transit or military use.


The KlugAir™ aircraft module has been developed to manage aircraft systems with other connected devices. The system works in controlling the environment, security and infotainment systems. KlugTech has developed KlugAir™ in four variants:

  • KlugAir P™ - for private aircraft, including multi-rated and jets
  • KlugAir C™ - for commercial aircraft
  • KlugAir F™ - for freight aircraft
  • KlugAir M™ - for military aircraft


The KlugAir™ aircraft module can also link to the KlugFH™ airport systems module that can monitor the movements of connected aircraft in and around the airfield. This is a highly secure connection, using our patented Reo Encryption Algorithms™ and Maru Security Net™, ensuring that eavesdropping does not endanger aircraft.

US Military Jet


One of the key security features of KlugTech installations is linking the vehicle with the schedule of the owner/driver. Linking the aircraft with it's own PIM allows operators and airport operators to understand the authorized movements of aircraft. Remote alerts can also be programmed into the system.


For more details, and to have a chat with our transport experts, please contact us today - select your local office or distributor.


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