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KlugPCV™ Bus Module

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Buses and coaches are a key element in the modern transportation and movement of people - be they short distance public buses or transcontinental coaches.

The technology of coaching has altered little since the days of horse drawn omnibuses, but the vehicle have in many cases, now developed into luxury transit vehicles. They are still regarded as second best to the private car by many road users and travellers.

The different levels of autonomy classified by the US federal organization, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for cars can also apply to buses and coaches, although we do not expect to see this happen for many years yet, as passengers will be more reluctant to accept driverless buses than they have been driverless trains. The classification reads as follows:

  • Level 0: The driver controls the vehicle at all times
  • Level 1: Individual vehicle controls are automated, for example electronic stability control; automatic braking, etc.
  • Level 2: At least two controls capable of being automated in unison, for example adaptive cruise control with active lane departure warning/control
  • Level 3: The driver can give control of all safety-critical functions fully to the vehicle in certain conditions. The vehicle can sense when conditions require the driver to resume control in a safe and timely manner
  • Level 4: The fully autonomous vehicle - performs all safety-critical functions for the entire trip, with the driver not expected to control the vehicle at any time


London Bus in HolbornKlugTech does not expect fully autonomous coaches to be mainstream for many years on the open road, but we do envisage increased level 2 and 3 developments. The KlugPCV™ bus module uses our understanding of connected devices to make solutions that increase the comfort, safety, security and efficiency of a vehicle. This is fed to the driver in an unobtrusive way, allowing interaction via the onboard computer interface, mobile device or voice.

Mobile Security

By linking the vehicle EMAH™ to the owner/driver PIM and schedule, we can identify whether or not the vehicle is due to be used, and monitor where it is being driven. Combining our multi-level security with the vehicle systems and tracking protocols, we can minimize the theft and vandalism of and from buses.

Reactive Environment

There are different environmental requirements for the driver and passengers - the driver is in a position to adjust the direct environment of the driving position easily, but is unlikely to be able to monitor, adjust and control the passenger space adequately. The Mangala Environmental Control™ module monitors the air temperature and quality, the general environment and the people, it will adjust the temperature to keep the driver and passengers comfortable (or uncomfortable, in relation to the driver - keeping him/her awake until it is safe to stop).


As the vehicle systems are linked to calendars and routes, the system knows why you are travelling, and where you plan to go. Alternative routes are suggested, if applicable, via the GPS navigation system. Advanced warning is also sent of any delays to the passengers and the designated stops ahead, keeping everyone informed.

Data is shared with the occupants of the vehicle - performance data fed to the driver so he/she understands how it is performing. If permitted, the system can contact the garage to arrange a repair or service - obviously with the owner's permission.

Power Charge

Modern buses and coaches have a high electrical demand, increased by the desire of passengers to charge mobile devices, or gaming systems, etc. The Kawe Transport Management™ module shuts down wasteful links, and can link to alternative energy capture options such as solar panels and our own Wiatrak Power Generator™, and the Gyrus Vortex Turbine™. Generating power through the engine alone increases fuel consumption in petrol/diesel vehicles, and consumes valuable 'fuel' in electric vehicles - as they start to be introduced.

We do not make buses or coaches, so the KlugPCV™ is a retrofit, available for nearly all modern vehicles. For more details, and to have a chat with our transport experts, please contact us today - select your local office or distributor.


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