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Kawe Transport Management™ Module

Kings Cross StationThe Kawe Transport Management™ module for transportational applications and installations. Transport has always been at the forefront of technology – but in recent years it feels like technology is out pacing vehicle design.

There have been studies that internet-connected vehicles are susceptible to being hacked and brake and throttle control being impaired. There are no recorded occurrences as yet, but as the technology becomes more commonplace, the threat increases. We do, however, have proof that keyless car systems are being hacked by car thieves, presenting a very real threat to owners and their property.

Kawe Transport Management™ logoUsing the KlugTech EMAH™ technology, the Kawe Transport Management™ module isolates the control systems, allowing read-only access to external information. In this way the driver/pilot gets the benefits of the technology and connectivity.

Using interfaces such as the CERIS™, some systems can be voice controlled, whilst smartphones and RFID tags can control others.

In addition to individual vehicle management, we have developed modules to control the vehicle – using the Gadi Vehicle Management™ module; the Kantai Fleet Management™ module for a fleet of vehicles; and the KT-Anti Theft System™ to prevent theft and human trafficking in trucks.

For more information on how the Kawe Transport Management™ module, and how Klugtech can help optimize your transport needs – contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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