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Chuta Access Control™ Module

Chuta Access Control™ logoThe KlugTech servers are designed to work independently of interference from the world wide web, but there are some sources that need this external link. For most of our systems we have designed a means of allowing trusted, secure information flow that can maintain the isolation of the servers.

The idea originated from the need to control a student's access to online information and entertainment whilst they are (or should be) studying. The system can limit particular sites, genres or access to the web completely. This can also extend to mobile sites. Unfortunately, it cannot limit a student accessing the games that have been loaded locally.

Girl doing homeworkWe do, however, recognize that the Internet is a vast source of information and entertainment that we cannot replicate in any other way. As a result, we have developed a ‘dirty’ network where users can use devices such as laptops and tablets to access the web via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The system can also be combined with a suppression infrastructure for mobile signals, forcing users to use the WiFi - useful in an educational scenario.

This VPN controls the access of all users, based on who they are and not the device they are currently using. The Chuta Access Control™ module you can limit the access during particular times of day or in particular zones. This is useful in the domestic setting for ensuring homework gets done, or in a business or educational setting where distractions such as social media need to be minimized.

The Chuta Access Control™ settings are recorded centrally, but can be overridden by authorized users – for example during holiday periods or if a zone is temporarily declassified. Chūṭa is the Hindi word for relaxation, as we feel that network owners can relax when the Chuta Access Control™ module has been installed.

The Chuta Access Control™ module comes in two variants:

  • Chuta Access ControlMini - for most domestic and corporate installations
  • Chuta Access ControlMaxi - for institutional installations, such as schools, universities, hospitals, etc.

For more information on how the KlugTech solutions, and the Chuta Access Control™ module in particular can do for your installation, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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