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Jnaana Intelligence Engine™

Jnaana Intelligence Engine™The word 'Jnaana' comes from Sanskrit and means 'knowledge' or 'wisdom'. It is the name we have given to the intelligence engine in our systems. Much is made of the ambient intelligence (AmI) that allows connected devices to interconnect and to predict their most efficient use. We combine this with artificial intelligence (AI) to add an element of reasoning.

MmeetingAs with all machine intelligence, it is only as good as the programming it contains, so we have devoted time to program a learning framework into our system. We chose the Sanskrit word for wisdom because many Sanskrit words are the origins of our modern, more philosophical words. The Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ is designed to learn from the actions and interactions of the other systems - it has no other purpose.

Using the Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ to understand your regular movements, your diary and preferences, all systems can be combines to deliver maximum comfort and efficiency to your daily routines. 'Reprogramming' is easy, using the interfaces you use to control any of the devices and systems, and only ever touches the 'learning' element - don't worry - you (nor anyone else) cannot reprogram the systems against your wishes or interests.

Unlike our other systems, the Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ cannot be integrated into third party systems on its own - this is an add-on that links only with other KlugTech systems. Without it, the KlugTech systems will work, but will lose any predictive benefits - you will have to program all changes in yourself.

For more information on the Jnaana Intelligence Engine™, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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