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Environmental Management and Activity Hub™ (EMAH™)

Girl on a benchThe Environmental Management and Activity Hub™ (EMAH™) is the system that integrates all the smart systems with the central computer.

EMAH™ logoThe system integrates systems such as audio/visual equipment, including TVs, games consoles and audio equipment with security, environmental and information systems - all fully customizable by the users.

In terms of a domestic household, it manages devices such as cleaning, cooking and maintenance systems, as well as monitoring and managing their health of all inhabitants and, if applicable, pets. In business environments, the security of data, stock and staff also come into consideration.

There are a great many security products currently available in the marketplace, but few talk to one another. The EMAH™ incorporates the systems into a single interface that includes access controls, intruder monitoring, environmental and disaster control.

Climate control systems are also integrated using the EMAH™, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as lighting systems throughout the property.

Using the logic contained in the interface systems (each developed for particular functions), the EMAH™ understands and learns the movements and preferences of all registered users and thus making the system more user-friendly. This links to a Personal Information Management system (PIM), that knows the movements of all individuals, and feedback systems that learns over time. We can integrate with commercial PIM products, or you can use the Giò Personal Information Manager™ that links to all the KlugTech systems.

The key to the EMAH™ is that it is a clean, highly user-friendly system is protected from the dangers of the World Wide Web. Having said this, the information systems that feed the EMILI™, can review information from specific sources, via non-programmable interfaces. This means that the EMAH™ can use and relay information required by the users, without the possibility of infection or reprogramming.

The EMAH™ is available in five varieties, generally associated with the size of the installation:

  • EMAH μ™ - the mini installation option
  • EMAH Standard
  • EMAH h™ - the large installation option
  • EMAH k™ - the extra large installation option
  • EMAH M™ - the mammoth installation option

For more information on how the KlugTech EMAH™ can help control your smart technologies contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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